Character Creation: A Guide


Dec 27, 2014
Hey everyone, I see we are getting alot of newer members and I thought we could create this thread to send to them when creating a character for the first time. I am of course going to link the lore timeline. But if you all respond with suggestions and questions you ask yourself when creating a character I will add it to this post and we can build a pretty awesome guide together. I will look at this often and be updating it Friday and every few days after that. Let's help people build meaningful deep layered characters.
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Jan 14, 2012
Here's what I like to suggest to people that struggle with "on the fly" character creation:

1) What kind of narrative do you generally want to pursue? Do you not really care, do you want to focus on action, do you want to focus on tension, do you want to focus on character growth?
2) Within this narrative, what kind of cast would you like to see? Do you have a favorite character archetype, i.e. ruthless hardliner, brains-over-brawns, brawns-over-brains, damsel in distress?
3) How would a person end up becoming your favorite archetype? What do you imagine their life before the events on the server was like?
4) What is the motivator for your character to end up in this narrative? Are they on a quest for revenge, are they looking for a lost loved one, are they ideologically motivated or purely in it for themselves?
5) Given all the previous info, what are your character's weaknesses? Are they mechanically inept, can they stomach seeing gruesome scenes, are they corrupt, are they naive?
6) With the weaknesses sorted, what are your character's strengths? Are they particularly capable of improvising, are they a good liar, are they charming, are they skilled at some form of trade?
7) Next: what are some traits that set them apart from a generic stereotype, if any? Is your doctor a diehard pacifist, is your ex-soldier going through life one bottle at a time, does your gangster have a heart of gold and take risks for others, is your seemingly innocent wallflower a ruthless cutthroat?
8) What is their "golden rule"? Be kind? Be strong? Be loyal? Never look back? Survive at all costs?
9) Finally, the basics: which countries could the character you just made originate from? What would they look like? How old are they?
10) Just kidding, this is the final step: does your character fit into the setting? Be honest with yourself here; could you see them in the source material?

And if you do create your characters on the fly like I tend to do: don't forget about consistency, and have a basic idea at the very least so you don't end up with a total disaster.

*Note that the examples listed in each question are by far not all there is, but listing each possibility would leave me writing this post for years.
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Jun 8, 2014
Don't be afraid to play a knowledgeable character, or a jack of all trades but a king in none. We're playing characters who are in there 30's to 60's and have way more life experience than any of us younglings. It's not unheard of for your character to know some trade skills. Just because your character was a business man doesn't mean all they can do is accounting. Give your character a wealth of knowledge and ideas to grow upon. The key word there is grow.

Don't be afraid to majorly alter your character's personality as time goes on. Maybe you like some things about them but hate others? Maybe one trait you thought was cool at first is actually stupid after some experimentation.

This is a very relaxed server to play on so dip your feet in and dabble with a few characters. Unless you'r goal is to manufacture pipe shotguns on your first day no one will care.


Dec 25, 2015
What you shouldn't do though is have your character be capable of doing everything to fit the situation to try and be cool and stand out. If you have a character capable of solving everything presented to them it'll become painfully obvious very quickly.

The most notable case I can think of was from the first Zombie RR when Anri Anri 's group camped out on a rooftop and one of the characters literally somehow had a tent, rope and other stuff packed away because they needed it on the spot.
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May 24, 2016
Honestly, playing a character that you’d enjoy playing and can relate enough to portray realistically is something to keep in mind. When making characters, you go through all of these ideas and think to yourself, “Oh, this feels like a good idea to run.” but you don’t feel a click with them and ultimately you don’t enjoy playing them. Find what your favorite tropes are in media and incorporating them into a character is the best bet.


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May 27, 2011
The best thing to do is to make a flawed character with goals and ambitions, rather than an avatar of yourself.

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