Chance unban appeal

  • Attention
    • Do not post useless +support.
    • Do not post personal vouches.
    • Do not shitpost or derail.
    Failure to adhere to this will get you infracted and/or banned.

    A permanent ban is often a method to get the accused to post an appeal. It is not at all times the verdict.
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Feb 1, 2020
Name of character: Chance Pinkerton
Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:220908453
Original length of ban:9250 mins
Time since ban:i do not know
Who banned you:sem
Reason for original ban: Rdm of a afk and then it was updated to stealing from the QM when i never did steal from the QM
Proof(If Applicable):
Reason for unban:i was in a gun fight and killed the afk on mistake and the QM thing I never did all my items I bought or was given to by people

The Scamming Fox

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Jun 30, 2016
I talked to Kem after about the QM's missing RPG after hearing you spam OOC to get rockets. Detective Fox has connected your lies.


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Feb 24, 2019
Hi, i'm 'Sem'.

The logs are pretty messy, but, here's what's important -
[2020-02-02 03:14:04] [chat_ooc] - [looc] Lt. Natasha Lebedev: why're you rdming afk people for scripts?

[2020-02-02 03:14:13] [chat_ic] - [say] Chance Pinkerton: i was not it was corssfire

[2020-02-02 03:15:06] [chat_ooc] - [looc] Lt. Natasha Lebedev: if ur lying admit it now before i look through logs

[2020-02-02 03:15:45] [chat_ic] - [say] Chance Pinkerton: alright you cught me

Oh, and, bonus - I looked through the logs and found you'd went into the QM while empty and stolen a RPG-7 and a few M16s. I'll add those here momentarily.

From the guy you killed -

[2020-02-02 03:10:09] [item_drop] - Character [PV2. Weaver Daniels][11086] dropped item [weapon_m240][164675]
[2020-02-02 03:10:09] [item_drop] - Character [PV2. Weaver Daniels][11086] dropped item [weapon_1911][151585]

[2020-02-02 03:10:11] [item_pickup] - Character [Chance Pinkerton][12247] picked up item [weapon_m240][164675]
[2020-02-02 03:10:11] [item_pickup] - Character [Chance Pinkerton][12247] picked up item [weapon_1911][151585]

QM -
[2020-02-01 19:29:59] [item_drop] - Character ['Dinn'][9743] dropped item [weapon_rpg][167505] (Dinn giving it over.)

[2020-02-01 23:07:35] [item_pickup] - Character [Chance Pinkerton][12247] picked up item [weapon_rpg][167505] (You taking it.)

Apparently someone else nabbed the AK-J, but, the point still stands. There's /alot/ of M16's but i'll dig through that too.
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Apr 22, 2019
Bruh you're lying.

I also remember you mingling about during some s2rp, running all over the place. Not as bad but it was still annoying.


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Jan 26, 2018
Lol did you really think outright lying would work for you here?
This is denied, come back when you wanna be a little more serious and not try to play us as fools.


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Jan 1, 2015
Enraged Enraged he listed his ban as temporary ( 9500~ minutes )
roughly a week ban? it will time out by this sunday unless you choose to extend it

i'm unfortunately not part of the trp team anymore (hl2 needs my love) but Tucker12 Tucker12 hope you can see how bad this looks on your behalf!
it's not that big of a deal and it's honestly kind of funny, but if you're doing things like that you're gonna face punishment, that's just how it is - your character didn't really have any access to that area and you didn't make any effort to break in and steal things or really make any effort to tell a story here... atleast that you have showed us?

yeah man see you in a while!


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Jan 26, 2018
It's been extended cause we don't take kindly to that sorta stuff in these parts
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