[CCC] Minge Grabbing Guns During S2K.

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Mar 12, 2018
I'll preface this by stating I would appreciate if there are no personal attacks on anybody for this discussion.

I really don't like how people are often rewarded for minge grabbing guns during S2K. I think there should be a rule against it. As it stands, the rule states that if you lose your gun during a gun-fight, people aren't obligated to give it back, which encourages this sort of behavior. It also encourages people to carry around common guns just for S2K purposes so that they won't have to risk their more powerful weapons.

I suggest we rethink this rule to help discourage this type of behavior.

On a brighter sort of unrelated note, I do find it very admirable that a very large portion of the server does not participate in this type of behavior and will often hand the weapons back to their rightful owners, despite having every right to keeping the guns. Kudos to you people.

Ideally, we would simply not lose our guns upon death, and instead have them break much more often, but I believe Dave said this was not going to happen. :(
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Jan 26, 2013
man this problem has been around since the dawn of tnb, might wanna get used to it because it'll never go away


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Mar 14, 2018
I have in many s2ks found people who have lost very good and somewhat rare scripts and handed it back to them out of only sheer courtesy and I have stopped doing that either because of an over flowed inventory or because I just got sick of it. People will at some point die in an s2k doesn't matter if they are even a reprog even (admins only survive cause they give themselves like 90000 armor or something) but if someone is not prepared to lose the gun that they are holding in every s2k then I don't know what the hell is going through there head.

Thinking that minge grabbing guns is a problem during s2k is not bad but it happens a lot and it is told many times over that you do not have to return lost scripts and as well any lost scripts you lose in s2k will not be returned even if you /a it the only exception being donator weapons and scripts and also like the time during scott's massive s2k sprawl.

So this is not that big of a problem nor is it considered as such.


Nov 14, 2012
It all revolves around common sense, really. I've always returned the weapons back to their owners even in most cases when they were better than what I had, who the hell cares about some scripts.

The other way around people always returned them back to me too when my character was killed in s2k, there were some few exceptions of course but other people saw them and it got solved in the end, greed deserves punishment.


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May 23, 2011
Want it fixed? Don't have weapons drop and instead they degrade in your inventory. Scripts aren't that big a deal, press mouse1 and it go pew bang or zap. Should you be prepared to lose stuff in S2K? Yes. Should you lowball your weapons so you don't lose anything "valuable"? Probably not, but do you. Don't want to have the risk of losing your scripts, be smart in S2K: don't rush into tight closed spaces, always have routes that you can fire and move, hang back with a scope (looking at yall Alpha with lower armor), don't get bogged down in one position too long, and don't stand out of cover/engage a drone when they're looking at you. There is usually a larger number of humans to SkyNet, use that to your advantage and spread out instead of clumping up in one massive blob directly in front of the drone. Not only does having people spread out and move back/forward with the battle, it creates a more cinematic feel (because people are into that). You don't have to be "good" in S2K to not die in S2K, it's pretty simple to just shoot at a drone, as soon as it turns faces you then change positions. Don't give drones a reason to single you out in a S2K.

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