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Discussion in 'Combine Civil Authority' started by Bennet Dyson, Mar 13, 2018 at 3:37 PM.

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  1. Bennet Dyson

    Non-Roleplay Department Administrator

    United Kingdom
    May 22, 2011
    Now that the uprising has begun recruiting for the CCA will work a little differently, both in character and out. As the Combine are not technically recruiting 'IC' at the time of the uprising (except for perhaps conscripts, but that's another discussion for another time) all future people joining the faction will essentially be characters that are already in the CCA and these can be characters of all ranks from 04 - SqL and shortly, Correctional Officers. (These will be explained in a separate thread in due time.) The method of application will work more or less the same way as the veteran process, just without the same rules. Players interested can either use the current CCA application form with some adjustments or simply present and detail their character to us in a way that they find fitting. It doesn't have to be huge and there's no desired word count but it's important to be descriptive and clear about what you want so we can deliberate over your request without any misunderstandings. You post all of this in a thread in the Combine Feedback forum and the process is always open.

    The tldr of the process is as follows:
    • Post your thread to the Combine Feedback forum - https://www.taconbanana.com/forums/combine-feedback.89/
    • Title it as Character Name - Rank Sought (So it would appear Leonard D'Lad - SeC. This is just for our own formatting purposes.)
    • Be descriptive and explain precisely what you'd like to roleplay as. Only exceptional candidates will be given the opportunity to play as SqL for example.
    Bonuses for characters that have a more loyalist background such as those from coddled inner districts or those that were in the graduate program that didn't quite have the luck to be placed favourably in the administration. We intend to start using the event server to provide events that specifically cater to the CCA and provide more detailed quiet moments of the uprising from a possible Combine perspective.
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  2. Somedude

    Somedude Automaton
    HL2 Admin

    Jun 14, 2015
    Small update. There's no official format for this which is both good and bad. It's good because it lets you be creative with your approach, but it falls short when there's info we need when eventually rostering you. Some of you who made threads have already done this, but others haven't. Please start off with this format at the very least:

    Desired Rank:
    Steam ID:
    Full Character Name:
    Start w/ MoE (y/n):

    The rest is up to you, but this is the essential info and it's easy to place it right there at the beginning instead of me needing to ask. Also, for those who don't know, the MoE stands for merit of education. It's an IC medical procedure that units can have done which alters their perception of the seven hour war and other parts of combine occupation to be seen in a positive light. That's the tl;dr of it, and you're welcome to ask me for a more in depth answer if you want to have your character start with it having already been done.
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