Carnivalia (10/20)

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Jan 26, 2018

After a battle well fought on the main war-front, Bakersfield is finally getting a chance to leave the front lines for a bit and enjoy some true R&R.
Thanks to some lucky timing and determination, Luka Caine has shown up on Bakersfield's doorstep now representing an emergent resistance effort called the Trinity located in New Arcadia.
They've promised to come bearing food, gifts of comfort and commerce, music, stories from the other side of the US, and a night full of merriment.
Bakersfield and their allies are all invited to take part.

//10/20 @ 6pm EST; No SkyNET.


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Sep 1, 2011

New Arcadia

After a decade of complete oppression and another of all-out war, the peoples of Lafayette Louisiana have finally emerged as the dominant power within the swampy state. A trio of families, appropriately named the Trinity, have formed the free nation of New Arcadia. As thank you to Tech-Comm, and their unknowing assistance in their struggle, the Trinity have sent their children as diplomats, and arranged a troupe of their most sociable to entertain, bedazzle, and cook for the troops!

Louisiana is a weather torn, warring state with the remnants of the US Government fighting to keep control against the rebelling peoples who were forced to take refugee into their cities and settlements. Unnatural, powerful storms ravage the landscape, and during the times of calm, factions fight factions whilst suffering from aerial raids and specialised Hunter-Killers that lurk the swampland.

The Children of the Trinity!
Luka CaineIt could be you!!!It could be you!!!
It might be you!!!It might be you!!!It might be you!!!

Rest of them Crazy Cajuns!
I hope it's you!​
I really hope it's you..!​

I am looking for players to represent the other children of the Trinity for tomorrows event. This is an important role in setting the tone and direction for what will become of these families, and Louisiana as a whole, as the plot progresses. Please, PM me on the forums, DM me on discord, or add me on SF. ( moogaloo moogaloo moomao#0001 slothsareok)

A more full run-down of Louisiana, the families and their history, and what's been occurring in the south are also to be posted after the event. What's here is purposefully a little vague so more things can be explored in RP. Anyone with a character that would know about Louisiana, feel free to message me for a low down beforehand. Those who sign up to play characters will be provided some background, direction, and will have it left to them to add things through their RP. These characters can remain permanent fixtures on the server, or can be temporary, it is entirely up to those who play them.




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Sep 1, 2011
I'd like to thank everyone for coming to the event, and for everyone playing cajun characters in order to provide some atmosphere. It was really awesome to see so many people on for something so passive and simple, it was great to see the numbers we had most the night.

I'm really glad everyone enjoyed themselves, and if there's an honest feedback please don't be afraid to give it.

I'm going to be adding the cajun characters that'll be making a return to this roster here. These characters are those that are going to be sticking with Tech-Comm until the upcoming operation.

Also I forgot to in the post, but big thanks to Mooondy Mooondy for that image. I totally blanked and forgot to include that there, so I'm doing it here!
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