[Bug] Heat-Regenerating armor


May 25, 2016
During an incursion with fellow robots, utilizing a reprogrammed 800 unit, it received an unexpected upgrade...

For each hit from an enemy terminator, utilizing any plasma weapon, it would add on armor it should be depleting. Ballistics have seem to worked normally, when tested by a fellow reprogrammed unit. As seen here, in the bottom-left of the photo, it has gained around 8000/6000 AP. From PMs from enemy bots, I have confirmed it wasn't a simple client-side error, as well as the fellow reprogrammed. Not sure how the bug occurred, nor if it is recreatable.

Note : The armor didn't suddenly add like armor batteries. Each hit added the damage it should've dealt. Ballistics seem to work normally, and eat armor as intended. Don't know the effect of explosions.

e; Further experimenting with supervision of an admin Malum Umbra Malum Umbra , it has strange properties. Headshots result in the loss of armor. Anywhere else results in the addition of armor. Meaning, ballistics may not be void of this bug, as I was only headshotted in the experiment with the other reprogrammed.
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