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Nov 30, 2015
Making its own thread 'cause I don't think an off-hand reply that took me forever to find is going to get much word out for the duderinos in charge of plugging it into the box.

Bring back stream radios.

I want to play music for localized RP situations and not obligate asking an admin to play something globally for an RP situation not many people are a part of.

If abuse is the worry just fucking remove the tooltrust of people who misuse it.
If it's performance that's the issue, don't let people use them in S2K. Same way people shouldn't use the advanced particle tool in S2K.

Advance Particle tool can easily single-handedly crash the server with some of the larger particle effects, and that's trusted to everyone with advTT. The most stream radio does is give a good ol' crunch at your frames if there's too many and maybe irritate people if it's used frivolously. That's when you take it away.

We used it in HL2 to simulate playing music on old recovered pieces of music-devices like MP3 players and walkmans. In interrogations on my cop, I'd use it to set the tone of the experience with some eerie ambiance. Sometimes in the sewers I'd have radios playing the sounds of rats quietly going about, and water dripping from the ceilings of the tunnels and echoing throughout. It sets the tone of roleplay so well- it's greatly underestimated.

There are a thousand ways you can use it for good and only a fraction for ill. And the fraction for ill doesn't bring a great deal of problems that can't be undone with "lemonhead has removed your advanced tooltrust"
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Aug 3, 2011
When the secret SRP project that myself and fellow SRP lovers Bennet and Nec have been working on launches at the end of July then you can play Gruppa Krovi


TRP Admin
May 26, 2011
I'd be in favour of adding them under the provision that abuse will get people kicked and their TT removed. There are certain events where sound effects or music add to the atmosphere but they don't necessarily correspond with what's going on elsewhere so this would be useful.


Educated Avian
May 24, 2016
when people abused their radios on hl2 i removed them and gave them a slap on the wrist there was only one instance where i had to actually remove their tt it’s highly moderable but idk how it is on trp...


Jul 9, 2016
Radio non-supporters are like your elementary school when they banned long scissors and monkey bars after "the incident" except instead of a lawsuit they're afraid of Russian music
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