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Nov 16, 2016
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Formally established in 1982 as a research site to pioneer new technologies and methods in meteorology and astronomy as an accessory to the robust Soviet space program, the Boreal Research Facility stood as one of the crown jewels in the USSR's archipelago of covert research and development facilities. Playing an instrumental role in the success of the first permanently crewed space station in 1986, the BRF cemented itself as an integral part of the Soviet effort to remain competitive with Western innovation. Following the success of the 1986 launch, the site's scope was widened to include experimentation with new computational methods, development of weapons systems and even early forays into cybernetics intended to augment the capabilities of cosmonauts in orbit.

Despite the monumental technological strides made, the similarly monumental funding which the BRF enjoyed soon threatened to become unsustainable by 1990 as the growingly unstable political and economic situation within the Soviet Union came to a flashpoint. In the wake of the dissolution of the USSR, the BRF was left in a precarious and uncertain position. Left to inherit an overinflated and expensive space program, the Russian parliment voted to hollow out the BRF of state secrets and reorganize it into an aerospace and robotics corporation open to foreign investment.

Enter McLean Industries, an American venture capital firm with a focus on military and aerospace investment which made them an ideal candidate for partnership with the BRF Corporation. After aquiring a majority share of the fledgling Russian corporation, McLean Industries soon put them to work in an attempt to compete with Cyberdyne. Despite losing a bid on a lucrative defense contract with the U.S. government to Cyberdyne, the joint McLean-BRF venture continued to stay afloat by returning to its roots, and began developing projects for the Russian government, soon fading into corporate obscurity among the pack of firms vying for contracts in the post-Cold War technological and economic arms race.

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VP Howard McLean presenting an early autonomous anti-personnel drone prototype (1996)

By the time of Judgement Day occurred the world fell silent and so too did the BR corporation, as an isolated stronghold employing over 2,000 staff , its main facility in Tulun waited out the war until the all clear signal was received in 2018. Significantly fewer left than went in and those numbers were about to get fewer in the coming years. Despite almost being wiped out of the face of the earth, the organisation continued to exist by undergoing various changes and reforms to operate discreetly from the outside world. This would be key to their success due to the relatively unknown location and close knit bounds kept between the surviving staff.

In 2020 the council comprised of the most influential figures in the facility launched their plans to take the surrounding region of Irkutsk, cementing the pre-war conglomerate business as a nation state. Security personnel, hired guns, armed patrol machines, strolled up into scattered settlements across the wastes up against little to no resistance as the war in the west between MIR and the Russian Federation raged on. Wastelanders from the outside did not know who these men were, only that they were from 'the facility'.

In the server's context

The BRF serve as a mix between a player based group and event faction in this setting. They will not be the 'main' faction of the setting as a whole nor will they come before other factions and player experience. For anyone who missed their chance to apply to the EFF (Eastern Free Forces) in the first Siberia, the BRF offers a similar organisation and structure. Unlike Tech-Com from the (2018-2020) iteration, you will not be "the good guys" or "stars of the show", for you are all just as susceptible to blows and hits like any other group.

As the BRF are currently embroiled in a war between Bulwark, players concerned for their character development are allowed an 'event slot' for a backup character in case they wish to keep playing as security/research personnel. Do keep in mind that you do not need to re apply for a new character if your first one dies. The BRF as well as Bulwark have a large pool of manpower and resources, in the case of the BRF this comes from their existing staff and supplement of pre-war stockpiles.


We want to keep the application process free form so it is not all that formal at all. Remember that this is for your main character, optional back up and event characters will be provided. Just PM popo popo and I about your guy, their division (Security/Research/Maintenance) and we'll get them set up on the day.
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