Serious Blood and Copper - Cold War Mercenary RR - TBD


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Mar 31, 2018
This actually looks very cool, I love the Cold War setting and due to 83' not coming out yet, Black Ops Cold War being absolutely shit, ive wanted a game to scratch that Cold War itch. So I'd actually love to play this when it does come out eventually.


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Jun 20, 2011
Sorry for the bad news but I think I'm gonna leave this one on the cutting room floor. I don't have a lot of steam left for hl:na after mox left and I have even less passion for it after erokor left, who helped me a lot with the concept among other things. To help explain why I made this decision I need to elaborate on this post:

You might get more HLNA when you least expect it.
Originally the plan was that the stylistic milsim was a smokescreen for a half life setting; this RR would be a training scenario for COTA, all in a simulation, one of several quasi-historical settings that would amount to an understanding of the entire breadth of human warfare (and implied references to non-human warfare, like simulations of the subjugation of the vortigaunts)
After giving it some thought I'm not certain this RR is congruent with HLNA after all, at least whatever direction it might go with key former members of the creative writing staff out of the picture. That isn't a dig at all the new blood so much, more that this was something that fit thematically and tonally into something specific writers were planning, and without them, to me it feels like a moot point.

If a concept like that works for the future of HLNA, then have at it. My only request is that you set it in a different place or a different time than the one I wrote. I've been iterating on this story for years, long before HLNA, and if I'm going to enjoy that I'd like to do so on my own terms. That isn't meant to be spiteful, I would just rather be in control of my own writing.

Still, getting this far with the concept wasn't a solo effort. Big thanks to everyone who took part in planning, and the HLNA team as a whole who went along with it and were willing to keep the big twist a secret. In particular, very very big shout out to the following:


And bennet, sky, and mox for greenlighting the thing in the first place. Sorry I didn't deliver.

Last thing I'll leave you with on the matter:

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