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    "I have seen the dark Universe yawning
    Where black planets roll without aim,
    Where they roll in their horror unheeded,
    Without knowledge, or lustre, or name."​

    First off, I'm not going to disclose my name here. At least not yet. For now you can call me Tan.L

    I don't get an abundance of sleep. Though I get just about as much as the next guy who works blue collar. I wake up early, digging crust out of my eyes and sipping bitter coffee. I come home tired, locking and bolting my door. Eat some tinned soup or beans or something, feed my cat. Don't own a T.V, though I got basic internet. I read dusty old books, do a bit of sketching. Eventually night comes around and I crawl into bed and try to fall asleep amidst the din of the neighborhood and it's night-prowlers. Depending on how hot or cold it is I keep an old standing-fan or a small low power fan running. The white noise helps me sleep.

    Either way I go to sleep, right? I get these dreams sometimes, not always coherent or completely clear. Sometimes they are very clear. I see, hear, feel and smell just about everything. They feel real in their own surreal way. They come on and off sometimes but it's gotten to the point where it's just too strange for me to ignore. I thought about writing them down in a notebook, but having internet I figured maybe it could get out better. I think maybe people need to hear this stuff. I'm not an expert on this kind of stuff, so I'm not sure if it's significant or anything. It comforts me to think of them as just strange dreams though.

    Feel free to post whatever you'd interpret them as if you know this kinda stuff. Could just be I've been eating bad beans before bed or something. For now I'll just log the ones the stand out most to me.

    June 5, 2018.

    The atmosphere surrounding me was warm, and the air thick with moisture. The marshy outcropping on either side of me was rimmed with a dense and steaming jungle. All around me stirred the life of what I could only assume from books and pictures I've seen, the flora and fauna of the early Cretaceous Period. My head was filled with the chirps and songs of various early insects and amphibians, accompanied with the occasional bellows of their larger reptilian cousins.​

    Underlying all of the natural noise there was a constant and resonating hum from the shimmering barriers that bordered the wide pathway I stood upon. No doubt to keep the carnivorous predators of the era from breaching the grounds. Sluggishly I followed the pathway, which seemed to be made of tiles in strange polygonal shapes. The path went upward but there were no stairs, just a smooth inclined ramp leading to the gateway above. Traveling through the arched gateway I eventually reached a small plaza kind of area ringed with buildings who's architectures were completely completely unheard of. The almost impossible curves and angles of the buildings made it dizzying to tell where one ended and the other began.

    In the distance, stretching high above the buildings and the jungle canopies were black and windowless towers. They reminded me of that 'Devil's Tower' rock formation in Wyoming, made up of the same igneous rock but they stretched almost into the clouds. For some reason, looking upon these towers filled me with a nameless dread. But it wasn't the Mesozoic jungle, the strange buildings or the ominous black towers that loomed in the distance that shocked me the most. It was the bizarre, cone-shaped creatures moving about freely in the plaza.

    The beings loomed roughly ten feet tall, with the lower base of their bodies were rugose orange cones, while the upper half was made up of four strange appendages sprouting from the cone's vertex. The limbs seemed to be some sort of thick tentacle, being able to extend and retract from the point where they met like some strange mollusk. Two of these appendages ended in thick crustacean-like claws that snapped together periodically, producing a patterned clacking noise akin to some erratic Morse code. Some kind of communication, maybe? The other two seemed to be of a more sensory-based type. One ending in a series of what I can only describe as odd reddish trumpet-like growths of who's purpose I can only guess. The fourth tentacle ended in a yellowish globe of a head sporting three eyes, flower-like antennae on the top and thin, prehensile tendrils on the bottom.

    I saw one of them slowly make it's way towards me, the base of the cone-body rippling and pushing itself across the tiles in some slug-like movement. I didn't run though...I felt almost like it had been waiting for me. It spoke directly into my thoughts, all the while clacking it's crab-like claws together. It said "You have much to learn, and we have much to learn from you."

    At this point I woke up, drenched in sweat and enveloped in complete blackness. The fan I had left running was turned off and had let the Summer heat seep into my bedroom making it a damn sauna. No lights from the other houses or the streetlamps either, must have been one of those damn power cuts again. The power came back on a bit later and went to my computer to type this up. Didn't really bother with going back to sleep.

    August 16, 2018

    The terrain under my feet had such a coldness to it I could feel it run up to my head. The planet itself was shrouded in an almost complete and dominant darkness, yet in a way I could clearly see very detail of the horribly alien landscape. On this undiscovered planet resting upon the outer rim of our own solar-system, the Sun was nothing but a star in the planet's perpetual night sky. The lead-grey ground was devoid of any plant life, only patches of strange, twitching fungi and various sized rocks ranging from boulders to pebbles. Rivers of some vile, pitch-black liquid snaked across the planet's surface over witch massive, crumbling stone bridges arched over.

    Yet again another nameless cyclopean city stretched before me. Black, windowless towers stretched into the sky, seemingly making up most of the city. They had only seemed remotely similar to the basalt towers in dreams prior, though they were ringed with terraces, and I was close enough to see they where constructed from some alien metal. The overall city seemed of relatively newer construction than the forgotten bridges that went over the rivers of pitch on the rest of the planet. Not that the city's inhabitants would need them, for they flew with ease upon unseen astral winds.

    All throughout the city the insectoid aliens darted, like swarms of purple-crimson wasps. Their heads where but bundles of luminescent feelers, twitching and writhing as if feeling about the very space around them. Both of their uppermost limbs ended in chitinous claws- in which some carried faintly glowing cylindrical containers. Encased within these jar-like objects where the still-living and still-thinking brains and thought-organs of many different alien species, a good few of them noticeably human.

    The entire city rested on the edge of the grandmother of all pits. It seemed to reach straight down into the very bowels of the planet, for there was nothing to be seen at the bottom but a black abyss and another strong feeling of nameless and timeless dread. Even the black rivers that careened down into the gaping mouth of pit left no discernible churning sound below. The more I stared down into the pit the more I sensed the gargantuan presence at the bottom...and the more it sensed mine.

    I woke up on the kitchen floor. I think I'm starting to sleepwalk.

    Been wanting to post at least something in this thread, though I feel like I'm pushing it with the server event a couple days away. I might try and squeeze in a couple more before it starts.
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