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    BIO-2 is an enclave of civilians, scientists, and soldiers situated in the Biosphere II complex in Pinal County, Arizona. It is actively involved with the Resistance, providing both personnel and food to Tech Com on the condition of protection. They are highly educated, relatively civilized, and hold the Earth's ecology in the highest esteem.

    As the fires of Judgement Day made ruins of Tuscon to the south and Phoenix to the north, the abandoned facility was resettled. The equipment there, originally intended for researching the habitability of life beyond Earth, was retrofitted for mere survival. Efforts to camouflage the facility began, plants were seeded, wells were dug, children were born. Much to the surprise of its inhabitants, BIO-2 prospered.

    Seeds, fertilizer and soil from the original research project ensured- from the beginning- what the primary focus of the BIO-2 settlement would be: agriculture. In a world without inundating river valleys and verdant plains, it is here where mankind thrusts his green thumb highest. The dense forest of life cultivated within BIO-2's glass domes, given the simple name of 'the Green' by local Biospherians, is treated with a queer sacrosanctity. The more spiritual among these odd locals view their plant and animal life as windows to both past and future.

    Prior to the fall of mankind, the property on which the Biosphere-II site was left to rot had been partially bought up by the state university. Consequently, it enjoys the presence of two libraries of middling depth but wide scope. This, aided by the enduring presence of local scholars, students, and eccentrics, has ensured that Biospherians enjoy a rare luxury: education. This is enforced by the oft-harsh law which governs life within the domes: all are taught, all graduate, and all find a niche in which to be useful. Those without proper function in this utilitarian society are often ostracized. In rare cases of recalcitrant parasitism, some are exiled.

    It is this education and understanding of the force of law which often defines someone from Biosphere-II. The lettered Athenian to the athletic Spartan, he has enjoyed a near-indolent life of comfort, security, and literacy, being altogether unsuitable for combat. And yet, having a wider grasp of nature, technology, and the culture of the world as it was before than most, he is both inventive and productive. Of all the assembled surviving tribes of mankind, it is here where the terror of the lab, the midterm, and the practicum still strikes fear into the hearts of youth, and inspires in the inner soul that stress-forged perfectionism common to all half-decent academics.

    The fragility of BIO-2 is not lost on its inhabitants. In recent years, envoys have been sent out as far afield as Mexico to request alliance and trade. But none except Tech Com have proven to operate a logistics network complex enough to truly make full use of BIO-2's agricultural yield. Biospherian produce has only just begun to trickle into mainstay rations.

    With their home defenses adequately bolstered, the administration of Biosphere II - a council elected via secret ballot every five years - has recently ordered many of its youngest and brightest off their postgraduate asses and into the wasteland, that they might aid the Resistance as best suits their skills and abilities. Many have set their sights on Bakersfield, figuring that proximity to John Connor makes the danger worthwhile.

    Biospherians may be discerned by their identical military-style blue jumpsuits and tacky - if heartfelt - identification emblems.

    There's no roster, as this isn't a strictly organized affair. Nor is it required to apply to join BIO-2. This is merely a chance for players looking for new character ideas to enjoy an unusual upbringing and a shared community and culture, and may also be used to explain unlikely post-apocalyptic educations in a way that isn't "my parents taught me about Machiavelli when I was 8". Admins, too, should feel free to make use of this faction however they see fit (at least up to the point of dropping a nuke on it).
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