Ban request: Rain/Zachary

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    • Do not post useless +support.
    • Do not post personal vouches.
    • Do not shitpost or derail.
    Failure to adhere to this will get you infracted and/or banned.

    A permanent ban is often a method to get the accused to post an appeal. It is not at all times the verdict.
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Mar 14, 2018
OOC Name: Rain
SteamID: Do not know.
Character Name: At the time chad martin. Other person involved was kathryn burn who is kaiju and is somewhat related to this as not as a bad person.
What happened: Pretty much he asked a new player too pick up some stuff from the QM saying to pick it all up and carry it with them and drop it off in the medbay cause that is where said person kathryn burn (OOC name: Kaiju) dropped it off mostly being ammo and a couple radios. When I called him out on it IC he said it was all her who took it.
Time it happened: 11:00 pm. 11/22/2018
Rct. Kathryn Morgan: [LOCAL-OOC] wait
Rct. Kathryn Morgan: [LOCAL-OOC] are you dropping the ammo?
Rct. Kathryn Morgan: [LOCAL-OOC] fucking rain
Kathryn Burns: Yes he told me too
Chad Martin: [LOCAL-OOC] Pick them up
Rct. Kathryn Morgan: [LOCAL-OOC] who
Chad Martin: [LOCAL-OOC]
Kathryn Burns: Now pick them up?
[275 MHz] Navajo 'Chieftain' Tukasani: I'll head in and check it out.
Rct. Kathryn Morgan: [LOCAL-OOC] rain you shit
Chad Martin: [LOCAL-OOC] IT WASNT ME!!
Rct. Kathryn Morgan: [LOCAL-OOC] thats it
Kathryn Burns: No it was him he's been playing games with me I hate it
Rct. Kathryn Morgan: [LOCAL-OOC] you told her to do it

I asked and confirmed with Deadeye that this person was a new player and he confirmed it. Also
[PM from Frederico Moris] feel free to post a ban req.


Jul 2, 2015
i dont really get how dropping ammo and radios in the medbay is worthy of a ban request

maybe im misunderstanding the post


Mar 14, 2018
He has pestered constantly practically every 5 minutes for scripts. Always asking admins or complaining about not having weapons and such. Every day and time I am ingame and see him he is always asking.


TRP Admin
May 21, 2011
To be fair, I also started to notice several reports this Kaiju individual mingegrabbing items as well, where I also kicked him/her for unserious behavior. Regardless, this doesn't look good on rain anyway

Though this offense alone doesn't warrant a full ban as doggo mentioned.

I was under the impression you had more evidence of other stuff to report about him too


Kiruclanz 2.0
Halo Admin
Mar 7, 2015
general annoyance? not entirely sure if this is worthy of a ban request. not that rain hasn't been toxic to myself and others in the past; he has, but this issue specifically doesn't warrant a ban.


Nov 14, 2012
To be honest this looks more like something that could've been taken IC instead of a ban request, stealing from the armory.


Your newest internet obsession
Subcommunity Leader
TRP Admin
Sep 18, 2015
@Bungo you really need to stop minging dude (this is the last straw)

on another note, 'chad' / rain / whatever the fuck was causing a lot of problems earlier when the MPs were attempting to search @The Red Menace 's character. guy kept patting her down w/o rp and was commenting about how she stole a bunch of guns from the armory (in fact he named each individual gun in her inventory with, again, no rp)

don't necessarily mean to dogpile him here but the guy's caused a lot of issues today and has been a nuisance; a talk and warning wouldn't hurt imo, but i'm not sure that'd do too much seeing as he hasn't improved over a very long period of time


Senior Member
Apr 1, 2018
Um.................. I don't know why I am getting ban requested when I literally was trying to get the minge grabbed guns and radio and ammo back but okay I guess that's something worthy of banning me when I literally was trying to help which no one except me saw.


Senior Member
Apr 1, 2018
Also shinzokk shinzokk I patted her down and I noticed I forgot to RP it and then I RPed it and then they still kept on complaining that I didn't RP it when I typed the thing a second time and still getting shit talked when I did the /me TWICE!!


TRP Admin
Oct 9, 2011
I'm locking this because there isn't enough evidence to actually ban Rain, but RainForrestWolf RainForrestWolf , you know better to do stupid shit and you're already on thin ice. If you continue to cause trouble I have no issue with banning you.
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