Connoisseur of Fine Bukakke
Dec 20, 2013
Hi guys,

After a long battle with my demons and seeking the help that I needed, I'm back for the time being.

Just a quick update.
My mental health is the best it's really ever been. I do go out for drinks with friends but I've settled with the idea that I'll never drink alone. Further more, the past year I've really gotten back into programming which has been an incredible distraction from the will to drink as well as being sobriety being a necessity when I'm doing it. I've been working on some projects here and there mostly related to the Cardano ecosystem (excuse the fact it has a cryptocurrency tied to it.) as well as, well....

I'm leaving the military, and thank god. My discharge was approved a few weeks ago and it was a very low chance that it would, but I got lucky. It's really not for everybody. With my departure came a fair bit of success! I have a job for nodejs lined up around the same time that I leave. It's a full remote contract from a Japanese company. I leave in early October and I'm going to Ukraine, followed by Bangkok and will spend a decent time of travel through the far east before going back to America after 3 years.

That's really all that's developed. I apologize for letting all that stuff really get to me in the past and hope to get back to RPing with you guys for a good while.

Nat Attack

Dec 28, 2014
I'm glad you're doing well man. If you ever feel like talking about anything or planning stuff for HL2 message me on Steam - I'd love to try some new stuff out with you!

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