Animal Crossing: New Horizons (And Switch FCs)

Alberto Balsalm

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Jul 21, 2015
I've not had my computer for weeks and won't for a couple more. I miss my friends here and sometimes I even miss rping 👀 (Half Life Alyx got me missing rp a lot honestly.) So if you have a Switch, ples add me on the Switch ( ꈍᴗꈍ)❤SW-2347-9757-1104

We can play Animal Crossing together if you have it. If I see more people here even have the game or play it, we can opt to post Dodo codes below during play sessions.

I have every single fruit and if you're still searching for foreign fruits from your native one, I'll offer. We can also trade flowers.

Post Switch friend codes below, add me, add each other. I have online play.


Jul 9, 2016
My birthday is April 4th please buy me a switch and animal crossing thank you
Jul 1, 2018
Spoilers for those who haven't gotten the game and want every little development to be a surprise ahead.

Yesterday was big for me because not only did we get the new shrubs and the like for decorating the island, but anybody who didn't timeskip and got the game at launch should have gotten their Nooks Cranny upgrade completed yesterday as well.

So far it looks like the approach with real-time events being deployed by Nintendo is a good idea. I think most of what we're seeing in this upcoming Spring-Summer update series was in the game around launch, but there are some QOL updates I see sprinkled in (I noticed you can now buy Nook Shopping items from your phone in the trailer) and they are using the Mystery Tours system in a better way than they did for Bunny Day

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