Story A long road from Siberia: Westbound


Jun 8, 2017
"Let's hope that intel we got all the way back in Pilsen was right."

"And if it's not? Then what? The past several weeks go to waste?"

"If not, then we keep doin' what we've been doin' and head west. Cross the Atlantic somehow. Remember: you guys agreed to my idea."

"We all agreed to head back to America."

"And we saw that's a lot harder than we thought. We need to get in a position where we can get ourselves there without the Tinmen breathing down our neck. That's why I'm hoping this lead pays off..."

Saint-Étienne, Massif Central, France.
November 12.

Distance from intended, original destination (U.S.): 4,877 Miles.

Rubble. Ever since our arrival into this dust-heap of a city, it's been the only thing that litters the landscape: bits of concrete, brick, twisted steel beams and rebar. Hell, we're likely the only signs of life this place has seen ever since it got wiped off the map like many other towns and cities we've visited. With some you see signs of people trying to rebuild- or at the very least survive. Here though.. Probably too insignificant for scavvers or machines to really give a damn. We're on our own for the first time in weeks after drifting from group to group. Hell, last time it was just us was following our departure from the Corp' and the rest of the EFF.
We weave between trenches of asphalt and stone, the steel skeletons of buildings past looming over us like gravestones for the collective of souls that once called this place home, our gear occasionally getting stuck in the peculiarly narrow passageways as we near our intended coordinates on my GPS- a gift from a fellow trader back in Pilsen. Eventually, we part some of the loose concrete which- after having to break through a worn-out wall- has us meet face-to-face with pitch-black darkness. Promising.
After stepping into the void, our lights flicker to life, allowing us to finally view the factory in all its glory. An array of lathes, mills, and drill presses come into our view. Hell, that might even be a hammer forge all the way in the back. All rusted with signs of neglect, but not irreparable. The thick, reinforced columns of the interior appear to have saved the building from the fates of so many others at the hands of tons of rubble. All this... Entombed in stone for god-knows-how-long. Waiting. It appears the Tinmen were too occupied destroying anything that lives to focus on making sure something like this was destroyed. Heh. Hopefully we can make that a fatal oversight for 'em.
We agree to split up into pairs. My eyes gloss over the machinery, already thinking of ways in which they can be restored to their former, fully-operational glory. My attention is broken, however, as I hear the telltale static of an imminent transmission to my radio:

"Think we found the generator. Seems to be in working order. Don't know how it'll go, though."
I slowly exhale, unlatching my bag from its position on my back. It falls to the floor, a few bits of strapped-on gear clattering onto concrete. I grab my transceiver, putting it relatively close as I hit the transmission button. I finally reply:


"Yeah, Atticus?"

"Hit the lights. Aleks, Levi... let's get to work."​


Jun 8, 2017
I wanted to give a big, personal thank you to everyone who participated in the TRP: Siberia RR these past couple weeks. It was my first real foray into TerminatorRP. With my first experience with it being back in ~2016 and only being present for about a day, I truly did not know just how intriguing and engaging the story and setting would truly be until this RR. Everyone was fantastic, and I was immediately surprised at the chemistry between Joseph Atticus and all the other characters present. Keep it up, TnB. This is why I like this community.

Jake Puffin

New Blood
Oct 16, 2020
Awesome! I have my own little side story that I've posted.
Hopefully, it gets approved so we'll see.
But to be honest, it is in no way canonical at all, just a bit of a story.


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Mar 31, 2018
Had a blast with this RR and Im glad it had an extension so I could RP Locke having actual friendships with characters instead of being a fucking loner incel like what I did during TRP when I first played it lol. I really enjoyed hanging out with all of you and hopefully if and whenever those characters make it back to America, they dont immediately die because SkyNET op. But cheers, enjoyed all the laughs, the rp, the feels, everything. -Bagels (Locke)

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