91st Aerial Support Division

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    The 91st is Tech-Com’s post-apocalyptic version of the United States Air Force.

    The 91st operate on equipment left over and recovered from Judgment day. This equipment is often repaired and even built or adapted along the way. They coordinate directly with Command as the only immediate air asset support for Tech-Com. The majority of the fleet is permanently stationed off-site at HQ, with local force locations providing the capability for temporary stationing. The 91st fills a variety of different roles, such as close air support, reconnaissance and troop transportation.

    As a squad, the 91st liaise closely with the likes of Charlie squad and other ground crew assets in order to ensure that all airframes are correctly maintained and to keep operations fluid. It is expected of all members of the squad, particularly those put in command of vehicles, possess a core understanding of the operation of the various aircraft available. In addition, the 91st also cooperate with Delta squad in order to provide a Pararescue service for local forces.

    The 91st tend not to operate directly behind SkyNet lines unless specifically authorised as the loss of equipment would be highly detrimental to Tech-Coms offensive.

    To avoid confusion, the 91st follows a ranking structure similar to that of the rest of Tech-Com, with the ‘Flt.’ abbreviation prepended to pilot personnel.

    Recruitment for the squad is carried out on the server and IC, however those seeking to join with the intent of flying must have at least a basic OOC proficiency with WAC aircraft. The squad is open to ground crew roles in addition to pilots for those who are still interested yet unable to fly.

    The following is a table of aircraft available for trained 91st personnel.

    Designation Role
    A-10 Thunderbolt II ‘Warthog’ Fixed-wing Jet, Close Air Support/Interdiction
    AH-1Z Viper Close Air Support
    AH-6 Little Bird Light Attack/Reconnaissance
    CH-46 Sea Knight Utility/Transportation
    MH-6 Little Bird Utility/Reconnaissance
    UH-1D Iroquois ‘Huey’ Utility/MedEvac
    UH-1Y Venom Attack/Utility
    UH-60 Black Hawk Utility/Command
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    Update about the 91st!

    Recruitment has been going on for the squad once again, as has IC promotions.
    As stated above, there are two different roles in the 91st:

    -OOC Note: You need to know how to use WAC and be able to prove it on server
    -Relied upon for piloting in S2K/S2RP scenarios
    -Becoming a pilot is strictly determined in an IC manner

    -Able to co-pilot in S2K/S2RP scenarios
    -In charge of repairing and modifying TC Aircrafts

    Recruitment/OOC Notes:
    -You can transfer an existing character from a current squad to the 91st
    -You can also choose to make a new character to bring into the 91st
    -Your 91st character does not count towards your two character limit in TC
    -Your 91st character also does not count towards the one TC character of rank LCpl+ limit (If this is abused on an IC/OOC level it will be taken away from you)

    There is also a discord server for this squad now.
    If you'd like an invite to it just ask!

    e; Didn't realize this thread was unlocked, shoot myself or another NCO/CO pm's for discord invites.
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