Half-Life 27.06.2021 - Admin requests


This update will be live next restart.

List of changes
  • Sending an !a will now create a request that can be claimed by admins instead of a simple chat message. This makes it easier for admins to keep track of which issues have been picked up already, and allows players to have a bit more insight into how their requests are being handled. There will likely be some tweaking needed after initial feedback, so please make sure to share it here if you have any.



    (admin chat shows up as a request for testing here only, its still just text normally)
  • Increased the amount of credits new characters spawn with, and reduced business license prices so that any new player/character will be able to afford at least one and have some extra left over. This should help new players especially with getting their foot in the door.
    • New starting balance: 250
    • Food & Drink: 150
    • Clothing: 200
    • Miscellaneous Goods: 200
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Jun 11, 2007
i was thinking about maybe an alternate !a for if you just want to let them know something without needing any response like !!a or something lol


Jun 21, 2015
So, seeing the update now the denied and accepted requests are going to all players like how the you have been healed and you have been given infinite messages do.

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