Backend 24.06.2021 - Infrastructure changes: 64bit dedicated servers


This update is live.
A small but important change! Server performance should be a lot better at all playercounts.

  • All of our Garry's Mod dedicated servers now use the 64-bit branch and associated modules. You do not need to run the 64-bit branch on your client to join, however this is strongly recommended since you get a fairly substantial free performance boost. This should help ensure stability at high playercounts, since performance was starting to degrade at 50+ players.
  • Right click Garry's Mod in your Steam library and go to properties
  • Go to betas
  • Select the x86-64 branch and let your game update
  • Enjoy your free frames
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Jun 19, 2021
I seemed to run into a problem on my end, I followed the instructions as followed and even have a 64 bit system as well, but i am still running at at least 25 to sometimes 15 fps. Any idea what the issue could be?

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