Half-Life 24.06.2021 - Eternity Weapon Base Overhaul

Update will most likely be going live by this weekend.

Hey all, as you've likely guessed by the thread title our weaponbase on this script is about to undergo quite a massive shift. Because of this, it's imperative everyone takes screenshots of their weapons in their inventory/stash so they can have them respawned. It's likely that when the update goes live, several guns that are currently on server will be deleted. This is just because of the magnitude of the update, which overhauls how weapons work in their entirety - and also adds many new ones.

This many, in fact:


This is 33 base weapons with each having at least two or more variants to them. That means in total, we're going to have 66+ weapons on the server. Overall weapon damage has increased (it's done by ammo type rather than the specific weapon) as well as most guns generally being more accurate and enjoyable to handle than they were previously.

Other features of this update include:
  • Suppressed weapons having a high chance to not fire a tracer when shot
  • New sounds for each weapon, no longer using the same recycled 10 stock sounds
  • Ammo is now taken from the inventory rather than needing to be dragged onto the weapon
  • Crafting system for acquiring weapon variants
Variant crafting's a pretty easy concept - you'll be able to buy weapon parts through BMDs and acquire them through other means and use them to adjust your weapon at a workbench. Here's what the menu looks like:


Really excited for this to go live, big thanks to Imp Imp for getting it functional and ready for the server, and generally all the work he's been putting in the last couple weeks since the server came back up. And just to state again, TAKE PICTURES OF YOUR INVENTORY IN CASE YOUR WEAPONS ARE DELETED.

Look forward to S2King all of you scrubs.
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Mar 24, 2018
Really great work from drew even with all the stress he's been taking in. He really deserves a take away from that stress and be given the praise he so rightfully deserves. Smile :)


Jun 7, 2017
In all seriousness, this may be the first time I've ever been really excited about an Eternity Update. Thank you, Imp, for your amazing work not only with HL:NA, but also with both of the SCP RRs. I just hope you can get a well-deserved break from any major script work after this. Lord knows you've more than earned it.

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