Half-Life 13.07.2021 - Catching up


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Jun 11, 2007
Hey there. Been a while since we've done one of these! We've been so busy lately that these update threads have fallen by the wayside for a bit, and the slew of stability issues meant we haven't been able to focus on many of the things we'd have wanted to lately. Regardless, here's some of the major highlights!

  • Xenians and airwatch are no longer hidden on the scoreboard by default.
  • Some intel changes.
  • Fixed a bug that caused clientside errors when shooting elite overwatch units - drew
  • Added cpl flag - drew
  • Permaprops no longer duplicate, and they no longer load props from old saves.
  • The box has had a complete reinstall and I'm currently working on moving all the servers over to a new control panel, so that the rest of the RDA team and possibly a few admins in the future can more easily do the things they need to do in order to manage the server without learning Linux. The HL2 servers will be making the switch in the coming days.
  • Forum -> Discord integration has been completely redone and now syncs properly for all usergroups. You will need to re-connect your Discord account for this to work if you haven't done so already this week. To turn off DM's from the bot, go to your alert settings and uncheck Discord from all the options. I'm working on turning this off by default, but this currently isn't a built-in feature so it's going to take some time to implement something custom.
  • Faction leaders can now add you to their forum usergroups themselves! Your CCA squad leader can add you to your squad, CA leaders can add you to CA's, CMC can add you to CMC, etc etc. These roles all sync instantly with discord as long as you've re-synced your account as explained above. If you are a faction leader and don't have control of your usergroup in the moderated groups menu, please shoot me a DM. All admins will also be able to do this for you, but please ask your faction leads (if any) first.

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