Half-Life 04.07.2021 - Polish update


This update is live.

List of changes
  • Permaprop saving and loading has been completely redone. Permapropping on maps with a lot of saved props no longer causes insane amounts of lag every time someone uses rpa_togglesaved.
  • Fixed a whole bunch of bugs related to admin requests.
    • Fix players getting chat messages about tickets being resolved/assigned that they did not report themselves.
    • Fix tickets moving the Q menu down the screen when they're open for admins (lol)
    • Fix ticket text not splitting into multiple line with long sentences and flowing out of the textbox
  • New admin commands:
    • rpa_send: sends player A to the location of player B
    • rpa_return: sends a player back to their original location after they were teleported
    • rpa_tp: teleports you to where you're looking
  • Fixed the requisition panel being completely broken.
    • Some equipment still needs to be re-added to the menu. This is still being worked on.
  • Toggling speed on APCs no longer has a chance to cause the server to crash

Minor PSA: we now have an issues repository for bug reports. Please see this thread:
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