Forum Upgrades

You can now choose to contribute to the forum's development as well as community-wide events like giveaways and competitions directly.
This also grants you access to multiple benefits as a thankyou, including:

  • Shoutbox
    • Edit your shouts
    • Delete your shouts
    • Bypass the flood timer (delay between messages)
  • General
    • A name colour to help you stand out
    • Quadrupled (that's four times!) avatar size limit
    • Lock threads of which you're the author
    • Delete threads of which you're the author
    • View all users who have read a thread you're viewing
    • Edit the title that shows up below your username at any time
  • Ratings
    • You get a bunch of new ratings to use! Including:
      • #shotsfired #shotsfired
      • Rude! Rude!
      • Sad Sad
      • Thinking Thinking
      • Gay Gay
      • Wizard Wizard
    • More ratings are planned for the future, including subforum-specific ones. Most of these will be freely available to everyone.

Check here for the available options.

For transparency's sake: these contributions will go to Gangleider as he's done the web development work and most subsequent re-investment in the forums. Funds will be used to better the community one way or another, be it through events or expanded functionality of the website.
This added functionality will usually be available to all users, not just those that contribute.

Abuse of any of these features will not be tolerated and you will continue to be held to the same standards as before by any and all moderators. You do not get immunity from the rules, and you do not get a free pass to spam ratings or abuse any of the privileges you're given. You will be warned once if it can be considered a minor transgression, after that you can expect your privileges to be revoked.

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    Dec 8, 2016
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