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    [PM to Ferret] So are you ICly a ferret also...?

    [PM from Ferret] well i think ferret is more of a message about the social norms of our society. What defines normal in a individualistic grouping such as taco and banana? Is there even such a thing as individualism when writing is relegated down a common path. Ferret in a few words describes the phenomenon of solidarity in a collective world. The willingness to stand amongst the many and say 'hey, i paid money to have a custom model on a garrysmod roleplay server'
    [PM from Ferret] Indeed the very moral fiber of terminator roleplay can be summed up in such a surname as Ferret. Each of the players on this server acts as such, scattered around, hungry for what measly scraps the administration throw into their cages. Ferrets embody a psychological mindset, one which resembles this constant paradoxical struggle of breaking free from tha 'cage' in society. In doing so, you break free of the constant cycle of gods and masters, taco and banana administrators and tech c
    [PM from Ferret] Tech comm leaders. Occasionally you see such a break in the system when one player goes above and beyond the call of duty in roleplay. When one character realizes that their writing abilities surpass, nay exceed the proverbial limitations of a bygone generation. This is where seperatism comes in and new groups are born, challenging the structure of age-old establishments. So yes, I would argue that my character is both within and without: a ferret.

    [PM to Ferret] I quoted all that

    [PM from Ferret] nerf this