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    TRP Quotes Thread

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    SkyNET Feedback

    I was on scene, and if I’m not mistaken it was drone numbers 1305 and I think 1094. Don’t know who they correspond to.
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    TRP Screenies Thread

    A Tech Com armored column sneaking through the ruins of Detroit, which has so far not been affected whatsoever by Skynet. In attempts to investigate, a Skynet recon drone took these photographs.
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    What does your TRP character look like?

    The real Vasilije @Stierlexia! fite me.
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    Blue Rain

    Color me interested. I’ll see about PMing you for further detail.
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    SKYNET LOA Thread

    Name: Virgil / ItsJustVirgil Digits: 1497 Drones: 20 / 70 / 400 / 500 /600 / 700 / 800 / Widow Reason for absence: Schedule changes. Length of absence: No technical length, due to the fact I will still be getting on sometimes, only more sporadically. Expected date of return: My schedule should...
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    Skynet Support Division Activity Check (9/30-10/5)

    OOC Name: ItsJustVirgil / Virgil Digits: 1497 Are you active: I am active.
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    Journal Entry 1-01, Medea

    Journal Entry 1-01, 441427 Medea It's been a while since I've made one of these, I think. Before the... before the vesting. It's hazy, the times before I got taken, but regardless, I remember the during and after. Too well, in fact, wish sometimes I didn't. My name is Medea. I don't remember my...
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    Dead End Cure

    And now Dead End Cure is officially dead because it's only member was killed. Ouch.
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    Dead End Cure

    Rumors of an old drifter returning from expeditions further into the wastes arise, a lonesome drifter waiting for some fellows to fight alongside. Messages and warnings are found in all the right places, and a single consistent fact ties these together: Dead End Cure has returned DEAD END CURE...
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    TRP Screenies Thread

    An HKV carrier modified for prisoner transport.
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    TRP Screenies Thread

    The HKS Modular Skynet Carrier, for use in any operation requiring a mobile platform. EDIT: If anyone has an idea for a module to put onto the said modular carrier, I'll gladly try my best.
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    SKYNET LOA Thread

    Back from LOA. Again. I need a better schedule to my life.
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    Dead End Cure

    Group update, postponing memberships to Dead End Cure until TRP has more actvitity, as to allow people to enjoy HL2RP.
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    TRP Screenies Thread

    A picture taken by resistance efforts in the lake Michigan region, showing that Skynet's new toys can be killed.