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    TnB Halo RP - The Insurrection

    Not sure if this specific species for the covenant was asked about, but will Skirmishers / T'Voans also be playable alongside the Jackals / Kig Yar when the covenant is introduced?
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    SKYNET LOA Thread

    Liberally interpereting this as absence of attendance / unannounced LOAs will be overlooked due to halo.
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    SKYNET LOA Thread

    Coming off of the LOA in full and returning to a mostly regular attendance.
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    SKYNET LOA Thread

    Hopefully final post in this thread for a while, I'm just going to say that I'll technically be on LOA, but still going to try to get *some* attendance in. I'm sorry for like 4 or 5 of these messages here in a short time span, so I'll try to get attendance in as much as I can, and hopefully when...
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    SKYNET LOA Thread

    back on LOA due to lack of motivation.
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    SKYNET LOA Thread

    Coming off of LOA as I am still alive and fatality rates are starting to ease up in my area. I will still be (relatively) sporadic in my server attendance, as in I won't be hopping on every day or every other day, but I'll make do.
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    SKYNET LOA Thread

    Name: ItsJustVirgil / Virgil Digits: 1497 Drone(s): Support Drones (Tier 2) / Standard Drones (All) Reason for absence: Quarantined, while living in a high-fatality zone. Length of absence: Unknown Expected date of return: Unknown, hopefully I survive this hell. Blaze edit: You stay safe now...
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    My two cents on how to make TRP more enjoyable for everybody

    A fresh iteration means a fresh take. Hell, Tech Comm might not even be around, and we could start from real early post-judgement. Get warring and fractured micro nations, and have drones and HKs be a rare sight overall, which slowly but scarily increases in number as Skynet spreads from its...
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    My two cents on how to make TRP more enjoyable for everybody

    I’m going to be honest, this is a perfect summary of why I consistently refuse to create any human characters. I’d rather be having fun as a drone via providing other people a distraction from a monotone repeating cycle, not sitting in BP and making meaningless small talk because my character...
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    SkyNET Activity Check (Ends 3/21)

    OOC Name: Virgil/ItsJustVirgil Digits: 1497 Active: Yes Comments: I'm admittedly not super active, but I have been making an effort to get on as much as I can, I'll be trying to get on more often as my schedule permits.
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    Happy Birthday Virgil!

    So I just checked this. Thanks a whole bunch guys, I’m real happy that I’m here. I’ve been a bit sporadic in attendance server-side as of late, but I’ll be sure to get on before the day ends. Special thank you to @sneezing slug for being an ever reliable source of advice, @The Great Slithery...
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    What does your TRP character look like?

    Skynet T-20 (Infiltrator variant)
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    TRP Quotes Thread

    Truly we are in a blessed period of the server, to have such high quality postings.
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    SKYNET LOA Thread

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    Two Years of TRP!

    Holy shit I forgot that the anniversary happened. It feels so recent that I was a 600 patrolling alongside at highest, a 700, with 800s being those rare promos or command drone positions, and 850s either not yet there or even rarer. Don’t 100% remember. Man, we’ve really gone a long way as a...