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    TRP Geography and Maps

    I'm not mad, I'm just disappointed :-)
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    TRP Geography and Maps

    Guys... Bakersfield is not a suburb of Los Angeles. It's another city that's literally 112 miles (180 km) away on the other side of a mountain. If you're going to make a post about geography please look at a map first. The setting of the server is Los Angeles. rp_tnb_futurewar is based on...
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    TRP Quotes Thread

    Terry Davis: Hi Robert, I'm a bit of a racist... don't take it personally. Terry Davis: So long as we look out for eachother, we'll be fine Robert Moon: Oh its fine im a bit too. wasteland bonding
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    Tech-Comm Wide Activity Check - Ends 03/06/18

    IC Name(s): Lewis Conway OOC Name: Turkey Squad(s)/Rank(s): Bravo, Private Do you intend to remain in Tech-Comm?: Yes please! What is your opinion on the server so far? (Optional): I'm just happy that TRP is back and legitimately better than ever. What would you like to see improved in...
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    happy birthday mom

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    TRP Screenies Thread

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    TRP Quotes Thread

    Grant Johnson: To tell if somebody is high Grant Johnson: You ask them to walk in a straight line Grant Johnson: Nathan Grant Johnson: Walk to me in a straight line ** Nathan Muller walks to him in a triangular line. Grant Johnson: For sure high.. Grant Johnson: Yup.. Lewis Conway: I don't know...
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    Conway's Notebook [Updated 2/16/2018]

    In the back of Tech-Com's medical bay is a battered notebook, stacked on top of a Psychology textbook and a few self-help guides.
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    TRP Quotes Thread

    warning: long but worth it
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    [SUGGESTION] Stream Radio

    i'll just leave this here
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    TRP Quotes Thread

    Pfc. Lady Vee: I think it's like... Tech-Conn... for like... Technology-Connor. Pfc. Lady Vee: 'cause our boss is this fella called Connor. Pfc. Lady Vee: And we, like... work on technology. Pfc. Lady Vee: I think? Pfc. Lady Vee: I dunno man I treat people and look at shit with binoculars...
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    The Messageboard

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    TRP Quotes Thread

    really tho