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    Information The End of Terminator RP

    o7 for all my trp homies
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    Event Terminator Roleplay - Operation Chrono [12/18]

    Time to go inactive for several years, was great knowing all of you and has been one of the best server's I've played, im generally not interested in much and the entire Terminator genre really was fascinating to be part of, you have all helped me improve myself and my role play and helped me a...
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    Information TnB Halo RP - The Insurrection

    gotta get this to twenty pages before friday lads, just start posting a's
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    Content TnB Donator Models, Sweps & Misc

    Server: TRP OOC name(s): ShadowNinjaYT, @Emeritus and @ARosemary Donation content: HK610, Jury rigged Is this content Public or Private: Public however get it developed first please and thanks (admins can use it, idrc) Authorized users: Mainly for alpha, however if you get it IC, im not to...
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    [TRP] FootlessPrism90 ban request

    When you did the Major Morris thing over raido with my character (Hikamashi Tranuda) I wasn't fussed, shit happens and I guess you just wanted to joke around with me or something, I'm generally chill, was just a bit odd butting in when I was IC, if you wanted to joke around, fine by me, just...
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    Red pill ballads ban request

    I'll keep watch and have my camera rolling.
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    Red pill ballads ban request

    OOC Name: Red pill ballads SteamID:STEAM_1:0:155835329 Character Name:Idk, he changes it every five seconds What happened:Constant prop spam after being asked to stop, constant building of rude things, racism Time it happened:15:00-19:00 (still going on) GMT Pictures/Proof: Scav boss Hans...
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    Ban appeal

    The reason I shot you in the first place was because you was running around after i said do /a, you then began yelling at me like a idiot when I was going to get you parts after the event was finished, and yes, i can die, people were simply watching and know how you act, maybe think about what...
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    PAROXYSM: Zombie Roleplay - Launch Details

    Would I be able to run a gunstore, Thats the real question, Before the Apocalypse.
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    PAROXYSM: Zombie Roleplay - Launch Details