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    Imposter Bagel

    this is an epic bruh gamer hahahahahahhahah funny i laughed so much i died 360 noscope wow cool mgl moment
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    TnB Halo RP - The Insurrection

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    Post pictures of your animals :)

    Salt being annoying and pressing every letter on my keyboard, he slept on my keyboard right after :I
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    Imposter Bagel

    I havent talken to bagels in a while, but i was the one to say that there is an imposter, my detective work has went in good mode.
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    TRP Screenies Thread

    My obs didn't record the battle, but here is part of what happened at midnight yesterday due to lack of people being on lorenzo won German engineering at it's finest
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    CaptainSaltyChips arrested for participation in mass Robux™ counterfeiting operation.

    eno doog a evah uoy epoh yadhtirb yppaH
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    dah lonely bot

    brain not work good
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    dah lonely bot

    The drone gets sniped by twenty .50 cals
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    TnB Halo RP - The Insurrection

    gotta get this to twenty pages before friday lads, just start posting a's
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    Happy Birthday Moondy!

    happy birth person who brought me game on Christmas :)
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    Post pictures of your animals :)

    tortise is best animal
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    TRP Quotes Thread

    halo smells
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    Post pictures of your animals :)

    I have the exact same type of tortoise, yet mine is just fucking huge
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    TRP 3D assets

    t-900 is literally meant to be for fighting reprogs, hrngh, (unless you make literally every version which is just a change in light colours, like the support one which litreally just runs around and gives ammo)