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    Public Donation Thread

    Dave has postponed this due to workload. It won't be in on launch, just bear with him.
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    Public Donation Thread

    Should mention I shot a PM over to Dave to get my model from TRP ported to Eternity. It'll be public from the start. It's female_45, is a black woman, good for variety.
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    Are vorts still janky and clunky or did you fix them?
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    REPROG ACTIVITY CHECK (05/01-05/08)

    HANK was never rostered but should be, Widow class. I’m on indefinite loa but I’d like to keep hank
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    This man here deserves a happy birthday

    nenko paid me to post here happy birthday
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    Character Fun Facts?

    Quyen/Panda started as a drug-addicted laundromat owner on the City 8 map. She cooked her own stuff hidden in several defunct machines that she tried to press off on the population to make a little extra for food. She got caught by a CA who inspected her place a little too thoroughly and she...
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    So...So lonely...

    Hi there new here, come play on Terminator RP some time when the pop comes back
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    Roapers nice thread.

    Hasn't banned me for all I annoy him, yet
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    anony is holding my dog hostage

    Didn’t he kidnap your dog last year too? Like jeez get a bell for it.
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    $100 Donation Tier

    Jail time half, ko time half, ko weapons do double damage, access to vip jobs, all jobs pay double salary, $10,000 in game currency on one character
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    TRP Screenies Thread

    Some screenshots from my end of the event tonight. A lot of work went into this from @Enraged and it did a good job of being a considerably ramped-up and intense conflict, if a little lopsided at times. I hope people enjoyed it, we did what we could to communicate in realtime, but I'm sure...
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    The New Trader Licenses And You

    Don’t hurt me Abaddon I’ll ditch my riches!
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    Just a note on the new Gmod update regarding maps.

    Tonight - Gmod: is it an outdated piece of garbage? Tune in to find out!
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    Operation Homebound

    Are the roles you picked beforehand set in stone or can I request you change me to recon team?