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    Pro1914's Mapping Thread

    I bring forth the nexus. Just a few teaser images, the polishing happens after I've got everything all mapped out, but for now I present these screenies for your enjoyment. Please keep in mind that I'm 100% open to criticism and questions.
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    Pro1914's Mapping Thread

    Good evening ladies and gentlemen, I bring forth an update. This being a complete rework of the office. Below are before and after shots of the office and its interior. I also completely reworked the skybox and greatly optimized the map. So without further aduit, for your viewing pleasure, here...
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    better pfp than mei

    ooop lol happy birthday!
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    Happy birthday! BWUHAHAHA
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    My asthma is gonna get me ;(
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    very cool profile pic @Yodkjsmkf
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    Zippo Raid

    Hbd my good sir!
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    Pro1914's Mapping Thread

    Well, now I've officially hit a massive roadblock. After going through hl2ep1 and getting top-down screenies so that I can patch them all together, I found that my map's road actually connects to the road with the train station from ep1. So now I have to decide if I'm going to add it or not. I...
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    Pro1914's Mapping Thread

    Also, I've been meaning to ask, what are you guys' thoughts on the factory being where it is? Right now it's a broken rip, but I plan to turn it into a grain factory.
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    Pro1914's Mapping Thread

    So after reading all of your suggestions, comments, and other statements, thank you again btw, I have decided to confirm/deny any speculations or ideas. I have also posted a map of my map below. Map: So to begin, I'd like to start off with Cacti's comment. "-Less Hl2 interiors." To be quite...
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    Pro1914's Mapping Thread

    Now that it's morning and I'm awake, I'd like to share some of my progress, along with some neat features my map includes. To start off here are some pictures of when I began vs where I am now. Before: After: Before: After: Before: After: And then here are just some other screenies.
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    Pro1914's Mapping Thread

    So before I begin, there are a few people who I'd like to thank. First I'd like to thank @Doggo and @Owain6521 for helping me come up with good ideas for improving my map. They've both been huge helpers. Secondly, I'd like to thank @DiBen for sharing his map and its progress with us. It's been...
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    CCC: Nat Attack

    Happy Birthday my dude, always a pleasure to RP with ya'!
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    Greetings From 45'!

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    New gorillaz song!

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