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    TRP Quotes Thread

    I survied the first big explosin, hehe. But when the admin send the nuke well uhh ..... yeah
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    Campaign Planning

    I can cleary see the plan here
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    TRP Screenies Thread

    Large Larry shot me twice in BP and both times didn't get me, ha
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    TRP Screenies Thread

    science:This shouldn't work Dave Brown: You sure about that?
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    <::| ORGANIC REGISTER |::>

    Scott Ferguson Captured and procced [STAGE THREE]
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    Happy Birthday moondy
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    TRP Screenies Thread

    Top ten photos taken before disaster
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    An Urgent Transmission.

    Sorry @sneezing slug i saw your post yet,i will post there.
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    An Urgent Transmission.

    Nothing to say but at this point every good BP location was bombed to none existense, and the last locations that are still intact are mostly patroled from drones
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    Killed in Action - Wall of the Fallen

    ''The name 'Pfc. John Manfild' is carved into the wall after long forgotten. The detail follow with. 'Being capture while trying to protect a civilian, getting his heart punched out by a T-800 model.''
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    TRP Quotes Thread

    Wizard made my death count rise today
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    Why does your character fight the future war?

    Jack Manfld He started to fight skynet when the first Terminator models where made,together with his brother they fighted along for J-Day that killed most of there pre-war friends and family. They wanted to help other's in need and help them get back into a somewhat socity.But one day, they went...
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    [BUG] M32 Rotary Grenade Launcher Infinite Ammo

    The target finder ain't working, it gets activated but doesn't show peoples hitbox neither what there name is or there equipment.What i think it's also because of the plasma weapon bug,so it should be fixed with it
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    [BUG] M32 Rotary Grenade Launcher Infinite Ammo

    @TankNut with fixing the M32 you broke the target finder and many people have proplems with Thermal weapons now[getting error and black screen].