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    Happy Birthday Moondy!

    Happy Birthday !
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    CCC: Fury

    Happy Birthday, Buddy
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    TC Reprog Roster

    T-720.'Scrap' Online //Footlessprism
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    Brown Barfday Boy

    Happy Birthday dave
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    TC Reprog Roster

    Ares combat module has been changed to Warden module //Dave c:
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    Getting The Belt

    Happy Birthday lad
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    TC Reprog Roster

    T-704.Ullr destroyed. //Emeritus
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    Donator Models, Sweps & Misc [HL2 & TRP]

    Server: TRP OOC Name: Metermann001 Donation content: Flamethrower, I know it already existed as a toolgun only thing but now it's a actual sweep. Private/Puplic: Puplic to everyone that gets on the server Authorized users: Everyone that gets it through ic means or finds it. Or used for events...
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    TRP Screenies Thread

    Robo gang preparing
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    TC Reprog Roster

    T-700.ORIGIN is now online. // ooc Ashea
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    Donator Models, Sweps & Misc [HL2 & TRP]

    Server: TRP/HL2 OOC name: Metermann001 Donation content: male_53 Private or Puplic? Private Authorized users: Me
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    CCC: hardhat and his fucking memes

    Happy birthday to the man with the hardhat.
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    My two cents on how to make TRP more enjoyable for everybody

    Considering how people think of me(or at least did back ten), I'm going to post something here too. I really wouldn't mind an iteration restart, hell I wouldn't even care if my donor gun gets out after a year or longer. I think of this like I could make my wrongs right, put away all the bullshit...