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    Accepted Unban Please Try using the format found here for your appeal.
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    Pending Ban appeal Might want to try this sub-forum, my friend. And use the layout for a ban appeal found there.
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    Terminator Roleplay: Siberia - 10/9/2020

    When will this be revisited?
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    Siberia Character Appreciation Thread

    @Kat_ played Yelena. Pretty based character too, between Yelena and Yerzhan and Solomin - I had an incredibly enjoyable time on the RR. Best experience I've had on Gmod in years, I hope the main server reflects some of the RR's attributes in at least some form.
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    TRP: Siberia - Feedback

    I made an account just to say that this RR was incredible. I thought it was the permanent server. I played the entire thing through. I really hope it's visited again, I would no-life it if it stayed up. I played as Brent Edwards, and it was the first time I've touched Gmod in an awfully long time.