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    Ventrilo / admin meeting (Oct 2007)

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    12 years since we started HL2RP..

    100% man, that's a cute post bro. Yeah, I was saying earlier, I actually referenced Taco N Banana in two separate interviews in regards to my experience with community building, becoming a leader, and project management! Mad shit.
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    12 years since we started HL2RP..

    Nice to still see you about bro. Yeah man, been a while. My professional life is quite crazy nowadays but I'll be sure to jump back in during January.
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    12 years since we started HL2RP..

    12 years ago, we started HL2RP. Missing it more than ever before. Can't believe how long it's been - it seems like another lifetime ago. Life is so so so so different now, but still.. .. miss you guys!
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    Tekka - Backstory, Lore and Canon Discussion

    Excitement levels are rising. I wrote a whole Google doc about lore a couple years back - I'll see if I can find it.
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    Krax's return (hopefully for good)

    Yo, thanks everyone for the warm welcome. I'm looking to jump straight back into things after this weekend. ;) How's HL2RP right now?
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    Krax's return (hopefully for good)

    Hi guys, been a long time. I'm Krax, I played here with the original founders (post-DSRP) back in 2005 and stayed true to the community until around the start of 2015. I was mostly active when helping curate the resistance during the 2014 Half-Life 2 roleplaying server(s) revival, playing as...
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    Who's still around? [2016 edition]

    Thank you gang, much appreciated. Jumping back on HL2RP as we speak, should be fun.
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    Who's still around? [2016 edition]

    Southpoint ( Security Check Required (
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    Who's still around? [2016 edition]

    The old gang <3
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    Who's still around? [2016 edition]

    Hi guys, I've been playing on and off here for around 10/11 years now, but this is my first time /properly/ since the start of 2015. I've been sooooo busy so it's nice to finally have some time now to get back into the swing of things. If you're a music fan, hit me up. I started a record label...
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    R.I.P Ness Tea

    I'm still so shocked to hear this, but I had to come back to make a post. Ves was an extremely close friend of mine here at Taco N Banana, and had been enthusiastic towards all of my projects. Even though this is an online gaming community, he always stood by me and stuck up for me when times...
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    The TnB Investor's Thread - It's my money, and I want it in 35 years!

    If anyone wants to invest in my record label, then feel free. Looking for £500.
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    TnB, what's up?

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    Post your old screenshots here [nostalgia you lose]

    Cos I'm back now. Memories that date back to October 2014, until March 2015.