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    Post your RP [TRIGGERS]

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    Post what you're listening to! v3

    @sgtchico <3
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    Meet the Demominge

    ok ok
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    TV Shows?

    I was going to watch Sopranos after I am done boardwalk. Don't want to start too many shows at once.
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    TV Shows?

    i gotta watch this, thank you edit; Trailer park boys is fucking hilarious, but it starts to go down hill season 5-6. Narcos fuckin slaps. Chernobyl is dope (most of you have watched it already I think.) Altered Carbon on netflix.
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    TV Shows?

    I been watching a show called Boardwalk Empire. I take about 80% of my characters ref pics from the characters in that show tbh. It's based in the 1920's and 30's during prohibition with bootleggers and the mafia and shit. Good ass show, I highly recommend it if you enjoy that type of shit.
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    Picwhore Thread - v4

    Felt cute might delete later
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    Name two things...

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    Post what you're listening to! v3

    Big ups @NapDaddyWhac for showing me this song
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    Koko's Unban

    keep em locked
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    Roapers nice thread.

    even bigger idiot above me