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    HL2RP Screenshots V3

    2 AM Workshifts Powerwashing CCH-D
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    Half-Life 2 Roleplay Quotes Thread

    Herbert Derkman: guys iv ben reading an old book and partroopers and if you drop the right way you wount brake ur legs
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    Public Donation Thread

    Add wearable backpacks to the list that take up the exosuit slot, talked to Dave and said it's possible.
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    Completely unofficial housing roster

    Tobias Ryker @War Machine - Roland Konig Preferably to be housed together
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    Public Donation Thread

    One of my biggest things I wanted to donate for in TRP but never got around to because of my whole move was donating for a load of bags. On HL2 we only had the like 2 different backpack models. So if ya'll wanted that I'll help pay for that along with some of the other public donation content on...
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    Post your RP [TRIGGERS]

    I'll throw down between $100 - 200 on Public Donations
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    Game of Thrones

    chaos is a ladder
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    Happy birthday
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    Escape From Tarkov

    Ive been shot by @AftershocK 10x more than Dave
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    Happy Birthday!
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    Happy Bday
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    apex legends

    How dare you! Take it back!
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    Just a note on the new Gmod update regarding maps.

    Yeah, the grid isn't any bigger. They've basically given a lot more room for detailed shit increasing the brush limit. Also, the problem with slapping 2 maps on top of each other is that it takes a lot of troubleshooting to get the recompile to work and be optimized I can speak as a first hand...
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    apex legends

    Twitch prime deal came out yesterday. Free pathfinder skin+ 5 lootboxes
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    Inventory Space Donation

    why u gotta do my bank account like that