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    Bailol's Unban

    S2K is a bit memey sometimes. I don't know why Bailol even has characters like that though. If it were me working out a deal I'd say it'd be good to unban him but delete all those really dumb characters. Lipton, which I think is his main, I've actually RP'd with a lot on my character Cat. After...
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    Ambient Medical Specialists

    Do not :( ! You’re actually one of the few medical specialists who I 100% trust to get things right. Maybe a bit wordy but personally I like it a lot!
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    Ambient Medical Specialists

    It doesn't really make sense when a Pvt. who doesn't even have CLS training does a major operation on someone, as I've seen in the past. Of course it's RP, and people like RP, but if your character isn't a trained medical specialist certified to operate like that, I don't think you should do...
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    Tech-Comm Squad Wide Activity Check [10/29-11/5]

    OOC Name: Fitz IC Name(s): Catherine Woods Squad(s)/Rank(s): Delta/EDO.
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    Donator Models, Sweps & Misc [HL2 & TRP]

    Server: TRP OOC name(s): Fitz Donation content: Crysis Armour {NEU Armour} Is this content Public or Private: Public Authorized users: Note: It would be appreciated if Admins give it out only sparingly and it's sorta rare.
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    ALPHA ACTIVITY CHECK (08/21/-08/28)

    Character: Cat Woods Are you active? Yes If no, why not?
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    TRP Quotes Thread

    [275 MHz] Pvt. Charlie Miller: Hi John Connor! [275 MHz] John Connor: ...Hello..
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    Donator Models, Sweps & Misc

    OOC name(s): Fitz Donation content: female_46 Authorized users : Fitz
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    Tech Com and You

    I've never had any bad experiences with TC recently, but I do think it would be cooler if they were more like guerillas instead of a brash sort of headstrong, conventional army. So far my experience in TC has been the best I've ever had out of any Gmod server I've ever played though, and I...
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    Your character but anime

    Cat Woods Y'know what it's actually pretty fun!
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    Donator Models, Sweps & Misc

    I donated for them but it was for the NEU. I'd like them to remain private and only for the NEU as Gutsy has requested. I'm not banned anymore. Sorry for any confusion this may have caused.
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    Fitz's Second Unban Appeal

    I agree with everything people have said recently in this thread. I was really really annoying and really inappropriate most of the time. I'll definitely stop whatever it is you want me to stop doing, and if I ever do something objectionable please do tell me and I'll stop right away, though I...
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    Fitz's Second Unban Appeal

    I'll be very honest with you, I was pretty misguided on Rhodesia back then. Since then I've read 3 books. I've even read Ian Smith's autobiography. They all make it clear to me that government was pretty bad. If anything, it just serves to show how sometimes a quick and ill planned regime change...
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    Fitz's Second Unban Appeal

    Eck, that probably wasn't the right wording, sorry. I meant to imply both regimes were bad, but some still take interest in them. I'm not into any German stuff though. Honestly I'm the most interested in the French government, I'd much prefer a WW1 French Foreign Legion uniform, but I found...
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    Fitz's Second Unban Appeal

    I didn't know the Rhodesia thing was an issue, I just like the camo and the history. It's a bit like a WW2 German reenactor I suppose. If you would like me to change my profile picture and stop making those references, I can. My actual politics are in reality pretty standard "SJW" things, I...