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    CCA Activity Check ends (5/22/19)

    Digits/Squad: 42402/UNION Are you active? Yes.
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    HL2RP Screenshots V3

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    Independence Day

    - Thomas Jefferson As Independence Day comes to a close, I'd just like to say a few things. In this thread, we've heard a lot of criticism, and probably even more criticism of those critiques. It is very easy to take a holiday like the 4th of July at face value, and to celebrate some of the...
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    Independence Day

    broke: legitimate criticisms of the country we live in, in which the free expression of criticism against the government is one of the greatest freedoms that we possess woke: they're retarded
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    City locations

    No one will take my baby from me.
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    Happy birthday, buddy! Enjoy your vacation my dude!
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    What does your HL2 character look like?

    Isabel "Izzy" Irving
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    100 Black Men of the Union

    Have you ever been to a black church?
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    100 Black Men of the Union

    Let me put it this way: racism and racial inequality is still a very sensitive topic here in America. While I appreciate the motivations behind this, a group like this is something that should be handled with incredible care and nuance, which I honestly don't believe many people in this...
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    100 Black Men of the Union

    From the community that brought you "is NMRS rape?", get ready for "roleplayers tackle sensitive race issues."
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    HL2 Atmosphere Thread

    Don't mind me, just taking notes here...
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    <::|| Civil Protection Recruitment: CLOSED ||::>

    Character Name: Gregory Flynn Requested Digits: 04010 SteamID: STEAM_0:1:9964076 Describe your character: Gregory Flynn is one of the old breed; he signed up with the Civil Protection not long after their inception, years ago. Originally a man who lived a nondescript life, working as a truck...