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    Accepted (Rebel's Ban Appeal)

    unless someone comes out with evidence proving you're literally the anti-christ, then you're fine with me dont do it again or you'll be banned again, etc
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    The Siberian Graveyard

    As characters die, feel free to post below a summary of their life and/or death so they remain immortalized.
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    Terminator Roleplay: Siberia - 10/9/2020

    You underestimate my ability. I've made models from scratch, textured, rigged and uploaded stuff to workshop :) Only time limitation is a dev creating the item on the script itself and adding it to the tnb packs.
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    Terminator Roleplay: Siberia Sub-Forums

    This sub-forum will serve as a one-stop shop for anything Terminator Roleplay: Siberia related. Once the event is over, the sub-forum will be archived for future use (if we return to this setting). Feel free to use it in the mean time to organize groups or whatever else you'd like.
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    Terminator Roleplay: Siberia - 10/9/2020

    To clarify, this will be ON the main TRP server. No separate server.
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    Terminator Roleplay: Siberia - 10/9/2020

    1. You may play a 600 or 700 if you have them on regular TRP. Remember 700's are more rare however. 2. You can play both when you like. 3. A mix of both. If an admin is available they might help you with looting containers. Otherwise, there will be loot to find.
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    Terminator Roleplay: Siberia - 10/9/2020

    The year is 2022. The Siberian region, which surrounds former Russia, remains scarred by the events of Judgement Day. All of modern day Russia was reduced to a barebone hell-scape, plagued by post-war famine and desperation. Machines march through the barren landscape of former Moscow, forcing...
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    FootlessPrism - Ignoring RP, attempted RDM to evade RP, disconnecting to avoid RP

    For the most part, this kind of attitude displayed by Footless is something we want to keep away from since it's generally quite toxic to the server if you can't even engage in a serious roleplay scenario with someone without them resorting to RDM first. Do I think this warrants a permanent...
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    [PITCH] Star Wars - Operation Backburn

    missed opportunity to make the text look yellow like the intro roll. I'm down for it
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    Horten Ban Appeal v9

    Locked. Overwhelming no. From your last appeal.
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    Asterisk's Unban Appeal [TRP/COMMUNITY]

    Wanted me to post this on his behalf. Don't shoot the messenger etc. Considering how hot this topic will be, make sure to follow the rules above. Keep things civil.
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    On behalf of Pilotfish/Hellfang:

    For clarification, flower banned you on server because it's still under the impression that you're community banned and that you playing under another name meant you were circumventing the ban. Regardless, I'm fine with you returning more officially since this was all so long ago. BUT, this...
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    Merry Christmas TnB

    o7 2018.
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    Xmas S2K - TRP vs HL2RP Clan war

    id be down for a battle royale tbh