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    Serious Year in Review: 2020

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    Denied Doggo Unban 12-26-20

    Free Doggo til its Backwards bitch Shitposting aside, in contrast to others, I'd love to see the TnB lore zealotry we commonly see in Doggo turn into something constructive this time around. I trust him enough to genuinely believe that he has toned down when it comes to being emotionally driven...
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    Unban appeal

    this guy's not here to seriously roleplay is all i can take from the time he's been in tnb but that's just me lol 🤷
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    Denied Ban appeal

    two years of this, man. kind of crazy to look back on when you try to plead your case with a present case of 14 ban appeals and a continually cocky demeanor when it came to recognizing the gravity of your actions both on server and within the community in general. this is amid all the kicks...
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    Denied Cletus/Space Unban

    that's a very irrational argument you're making especially considering this community has a significant amount of people who have the same levels of history if not worse, yet have made the effort to come clean, reform and function in the community. i'm not speaking for everyone as i'm aware...
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    Information Half-Life: New America - Announcement

    anyone got Hi-Points
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    Information Half-Life: New America - Announcement

    south side chicago with the homie @Decepti
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    Serious Pitch- Fallout: Chicago

    where would we be without @blooregardo's godly playlists blasting out of his spawned stream radios at a realistic range and volume
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    Accepted Ban Appeal - Drewerth, Community Ban

    Recognizing that there were a lot of major issues behind your own behavior in the past years is enough of a step to progress towards improving on general behavior. I'm sure behind the endless paragraphs there are still things people hold you accountable for, so I hope regardless of the...
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    Information Restructuring Community Leadership

    yo chill w that shit i think this is a very good thing to bring up when halo's run it's course so i hope this isn't lost in the mixed bag of tnbfied pages