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    TRP Screenies Thread

    The Miles Monkey is down. A friend of mine in steam chat: he died to his own explosive trap that he planted so that really should fall under a pk ((Neglect PK))
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    TRP Screenies Thread

    help he has been like this for the past 10 hours please help this man
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    "The Miles Wolfe Scam"

    ** You come across a pinned notepad on the walls of BP** Hey one and all. Miles Wolfe has been overall just overpricing weapons and items for above business / recommended listings. I sold my SVU for below his 1125 price to Miles, and he priced it at the latter. Don't buy from Miles. Its...
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    Judgement Day never happened. Where does your character end up?

    Jason would still live his life at Elementary School, being a child he was.
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    SKYNET LOA Thread

    Name:Cat with an RPG Digits:3664 Drone(s) - / T-700 / Reason for absence: Vacation - Family Time. Length of absence: Throughout weekend of November 15, 2019 Expected date of return: November 17. Expect changes
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    what the fuck is happening here
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    SKYNET Applications

    Terminology: M/I/K = Miss/Injure/Kill (Refers to Shooting/Combat) 1) Steam Name: Cat with an RPG 2) Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:77463792 3) Drone Digits(ex: 1234): 3664 (If this is taken, PM me and I will decide another one. Discord: !RadsammyT!#0832) 4) How long have you been playing on TnB's...
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    TRP Quotes Thread

    600 reprog vs jason winzzie, ooc fist fight Jason Winzer rolled 1d20: (11) = 11 T-600.DEFENDER rolled 1d20: (1) = 1 j abuses 600 T-600.DEFENDER: [LOCAL-OOC] /me blows up (600 suicides) ] rp_roll 1d20 Jason Winzer: [LOCAL-OOC] LUL
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    [SUGGESTION] Add a compass.

    Now I finally understand the meaning of my life.
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    [SUGGESTION] Add a compass.

    Asked people from OOC- it is an item. Alright, gonna delete this since it is already added. Wait, can I?
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    [SUGGESTION] Add a compass.

    The reason why I want a compass is to where that we mistake directions. We don't know the north a lot every map change, but in the case of a switch, we can, should this be considered or done. Here is my approach on this compass: - The compass can have its north set by developers, or any other...