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    Post screenshots from other games

    You guys should all play Fishing Planet with me the fish physics are really good
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    Post what you're listening to! v3

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    Homemade Weapons

    Yeah he's memeing.
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    Total War: Napoleon

    The only Total War I have is Shogun 2 and it's fantastic. Do you have it?
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    Roapers nice thread.

    Jeffrey really is the nicest guy
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    Name two things...

    Respiration Circulation
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    i remember your ugly purple house in minecraft lmao happy birthday
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    Post what you're listening to! v3

    I love the Anthologies because unedited takes like this really show raw talent.
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    Roapers nice thread.

    HeyHEY HEY I SAID SKIP And you just sent me the raw text and I changed it so FALSE And I waited until you hadn't played for a month and asked permission first so FALSE Now say something nice about Foxicus right now
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    Post what you're listening to! v3

    For all the time they spent jamming together, Stills and Hendrix never released a studio track with both of them on guitar. Such a shame that they never got to make a studio album together since they're two of my favorite musicians. Luckily there are hours of recordings of their jams, plus this...
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    Picwhore Thread - v4

    Idk what you're talking about man but that's a Bluetooth shirt
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    Post what you're listening to! v3

    I like Paul McCartney a lot these days
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    Need Helmet Advice

    Probably neither of them are armor and both are just made to look like iron man which gets the job done for cosplay imo
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    Need Helmet Advice

    Why does it need to be functional if it's for cosplay?
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    Roapers nice thread.

    I don't recall ever doing that unless I pressed the wrong thing once or twice but okay Skip e: you'd better change that rating to an agree or a funny 1 day later