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    Information Community Update 2 - HLNA and TRP's Future

    Time of Blue Republic is coming!
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    Secure Contain Protect - Screenshots and Quotes.

    Some of the screenshots from Site 55 that I forgot to post:
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    SCP - Where Are They Now?

    Dr. Tyler Henderson due to his insanity which was caused by Daybreak incident and his memory being regained of site 55 during the event he left the group in UnLondon and commited suicide by setting himself on the fire with usage of stolen flamethrower fuel. Beacuse of his death before the reset...
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    SCP - Where Are They Now?

    Dr. Tyler Henderson was given Class C Amnestics after being evacuated from Site 55. His last memories were of him driving back home before the Containment Breach has happen, which was used as cover up story to why he was being redesigned to another site, story was provided to all staff that...
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    Event Secure. Contain. Protect. █████ Launch Thread

    Quick question which bit we need to use? 32 or 64 of Gmod?
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    Information Secure. Contain. Protect. █████ Information, Q&A, Workshop, and Sign-ups

    Name: Bi_Em What roles you wish to play?: Researcher [ Junior or Regular ] If not accepted then D-Class Availability during RR from 14 to 16 of May: Partly, half, full, etc. : Partly on 14, full on 15 and half on 16. Are you willing to interact with Discord during the RR at any given time: I...
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    Information Terminator Roleplay - Announcement

    Is there gonna be storage [ HLNA Lockers ] or like previously we had, we gonna need to carry everything we have in our inventories?
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    Story Reporting back

    * Six weeks after events of Boreal Research Facility * * Soldier stood infront of his officer's desk, he is barely able to stand due to his wounds but he manages to hold his position while listening* Starszy Szeregowy Grzegorz Wojcowski, to be honest I with everyone in command center thought...
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    Serious [PITCH] TLOU

    Option 1 my boi
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    RR Event Suggestions

    REC or Quarantine RR ( Not actual Quarantine but a movie )
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    Story Team 45 MIA Status

    * Three Weeks before the events of Siberia * * A man was sitting on old chair in poorly lit room, his desk seems not to match the room but you gotta use what you can in these days. Stacks of reports and documents litter the desk, all contain information about each send out team status and all...
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    Community Update - HLNA & Beyond

    Horror RR? . . . . . . . . well time to see which SCP we gonna encounter in that RR