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    Changing the Asset's S2K allowance.

    It sounds like you're saying slaves s2k people while they're rping and that's not any bit true.
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    Changing the Asset's S2K allowance.

    Firstly, assets are on the same foot as regular humand in the punishment they can take, so them s2king isn't much of an issue at that point. If you really have an issue with assets s2king you must be really bad at the shotbot or have some sort of skewed perspective because most of the time a...
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    Rappaport Village.

    i like it
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    Pls no bully and unban

    you're not the old wookie are you...
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    Hello, everybody!

    @Chocolate fuk u
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    you smell like bitch
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    Roapers nice thread.

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    Roapers nice thread.

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    Post your RP [TRIGGERS]

    top tier clothing?
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    Independence Day

    i love the fact i can think what i want about my country without being under legal scrutiny and the fact that i can call @Jon a bootlicker and still be within my constitutional rights thank you america
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    Tool Trust Issues.

    the grotto alleyway dupe definitely wasnt over 60 props thats wild
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    Garrysmod Sandbox

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    Lloyd's Monthly Give-Away ( JULY )

    @Fudge <3 he nominated me
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    Unban Request

    I don't think this is the worst thing in the world, he made a few stupid ID's that probably wouldn't pass either way, honestly. I think we can give dude a break just once on HL2.
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    The Lads